Celluma Light Therapy is Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory – Find Out More


Here at Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center, we like to provide a variety of options to aid in the healing and recovery of our patients. Due to its successful results, one of our recommended forms of therapy that we can deliver here is Celluma Light Therapy. What is Celluma Light Therapy?


Celluma Light Therapy is the utilization of wavelengths of light energy to the tissue for therapeutic purpose. This light energy improves cellular performance, therefore addressing problems on a cellular level which aren’t responding to their full potential by other forms of treatment. Celluma Light Therapy can only enhance and add to any other types of treatment you are receiving.


Celluma in particular uses an LED device to deliver this therapy, and can be applied in various ways. Celluma is non-invasive and can be used on all skin types. Celluma has  various applications: for acne, for anti-aging and for pain-management.


What are the benefits of Celluma?

  • Scientifically proven to relieve arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain, as well as stiffness.
  • Clears acne and prevents future breakouts.
  • 80% of participants have experienced improvement in skin texture.
  • 77% reported improvement in skin firmness.
  • 66% reported improvement in facial wrinkles.
  • It’s affordable, at $50 for a thirty-minute session.


Call us (213 . 389 . 1083) to schedule your Celluma Light Therapy treatment today.


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